Thanks for finding your way to this blog and taking an interest.

I started this blog as a sort of personal diary of life navigating the museum field from my perspective. I love museums and the work that’s done within them. I want to use this space to explore the areas that need our attention.

The marginalization of people of color within these institutions both as employees and visitors is an important and passionate issue that I am still learning to articulate. Through lectures, blog posts, videos, conferences, essays and books, I have learned from both the Latino and African American community. The work is not yet finished and I hope that through the collective, diverse voices of the Latino community, I can start to flesh out the issues that have affected me and others who see museums as spaces they wish they could feel more connected to.

Lastly, I am a Latina born in the United States of immigrant parents who came from La Paz, Bolivia. I am proud of them and will always see them as a symbol of what it looks like to succeed and to win. They came here with nothing and created a life for my sister and me. I will forever be grateful for their support, advice, and encouragement to create A Latina in Museums.


Looking like a total noob, here I am with director of MoMa PS1, Klaus Biesenbach, at the 2016 Miami Art Basel. Not a moment where I was more intimidated than this moment right here.


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